Day 3: The Best Camera for All Types of Photography Is…

… the one you have with you.

There will always be a technically better camera than the one you have. New cameras are released more often than seems necessary. Even if you have the latest and greatest camera with the most megapixels right now, wait a couple months and see how it compares to the 5 newest releases.

I believe the best camera to have is whichever one you have already. It becomes even better than best if you know how to use it in any situation that presents itself. This is when taking your camera everywhere pays off.

Boring pictures are boring no matter what camera you use. The content of the picture and the thought that you put into it is more meaningful than how much you spent on the lens that captured the picture.

The composition, story, focal point, light, framing, perspective, and other topics are much more important than what camera you have. All of these topics will be covered in this series.

Hopefully this will convince you that using your camera phone daily is a much better option than buying a DSLR that you find too big and uncomfortable to take anywhere.

What camera do you use?

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