K-OS – Man I Used to Be

I tried it, I couldn’t fight it
Now I just wanna get back to me
ohh baby, hoo hoo
Back into the man I used to be

Things that I said I wouldn’t do, I did ’em
Secrets below the surface of truth I hid ’em
This man kind is past, but can he erase
The tears of a million years is human race
Of animals, that talk and walk upright
Then slave all day and fall in a trance at night
Roamin’ the planet, trying to find missing links
Like the men we used to be and are we suppose to think?

Mysteries, maybe not
It’s getting hot, we better configure the plot, but
I hold a pen with the grip so tight
That’a squeeze the ink onto the page, and write a song for the people
Came up from the underground, now I write above on a hovercraft sound
This microphone, like an an amphetamine
Keeping me clean, speaking in dreams
So nature can intervene, just for a scene


I walk a long path alone, my feet hurt
Lost some friends along the way, I did dirt
I went to church, I tried everything
From leaving my body, to watching the birds sing
For hours, so I could feel heavenly powers
I’ve been across the universe and inside of flowers
But what is it worth, I’m still just a man on the earth

Rappers are acting like man tan
Can I be candid, I can’t stand it
Rap bandit, got Kheaven acting frantic
I wanna swing my sword decapitate
But what is a man if he acts like an ape
So I sit back, planning my great escape
Load up my EPS and peruse my record crate
The man I used to be, I can only see by looking beyond me
So what is reality, I don’t know


I tried it, I couldn’t fight it
Now I just wanna get back to me
ohh baby, hoo hoo
Back into the man I used to be

Oops, wrong song
You know what
I woke up in the morning
I took a trip to the corner store
That’s when I heard my calling
But I’d never heard the voice of truth before

So I kept on walking
Pretending I didn’t see
Walked by a window and my reflection said to me
You could try all the same
But you’ll never know this mystery

There’s no pilot on your plane
So you’re not the man you used to be
Try all the game, but you’ll never know this mystery
When your pilot has no plane
Said you’re the man you used to be seen
Holla and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Ya holler and ya holla, you follow you fall
Yo, microphones get ripped holding us back
K dash rocking it out, rocking the cold style
Making it up, go along singing my song
Woke up, in the early morn didn’t know what was going on
Whatever, I don’t really know
Flows like an immaculate goat what up, whatever

Red Pill

In the parlance of our times, to “red pill” is to become aware of the lies that undergird modern civilization, thereby giving you license to act like a douche online. Since most of the people who believe they have “red pilled” were already acting like douches online, the effect of this concept boils down to a slightly greater sense of entitlement among insular communities of already-entitled douches. All of this is well known, and not very interesting.

The interesting thing about the red pill concept is that it is actually the exact inverse of what its proponents claim. The reference is to the 1999 movie The Matrix, in which a hacker bro is offered a choice between a blue pill, to “believe whatever you want.” Or a red pill, to “see how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

In spite of the reference to the drug-induced hallucinations of Alice in Wonderland, he takes the red pill. He then experiences the physical death of his body, leaves the confines of the apparent world, and comes to the realization that he is no mere hacker bro — he is in fact the One True Hacker Jesus, Webmaster of the Universe.

The ludicrousness of this savior scenario is painfully emphasized in the Matrix sequels, in which Hacker Jesus engages in utterly pointless fake fights in a fake world, and confronts the Father God instantiated as Colonel Sanders. To raise the stakes, the Hacker Jesus Powers eventually bleed over into the “real” world, revealing the entire scenario for what it is — a delusion.

The red pill was in fact a trap. And what better trap for someone who thinks they’re special than to make them think they’ve escaped the world and become its savior?

What is eventually revealed by the Matrix sequels — the way they’re irrational-yet-boring like listening to someone narrate their dreams — is that from the point of swallowing the “red pill,” we are actually watching the extended hallucination at the end of the movie Brazil. With no hope for escape, the prisoner fever-dreams themselves as a heroic savior, free of all constraints.

The red pill is the final, most horrifying imprisoning illusion — escape from the world itself.

(swiped from here http://obscurantist.com/oma/red-pill/)