We The People

“We need to learn to try to get more local control over our lives. We need to try to somehow build towards a system that actually serves humanity. The current commercial system we are bonded to makes us all serve it. From the highest royal to the lowest serf, we are all slaves to an inhuman system of mental and spiritual slavery. We divide and conquer ourselves into more easily managed communities and nation states like we have long been conditioned to do. We need an educational system that teaches the young how to think, not what to think. We need to learn to do things like grow our own food and to take care of ourselves and each other and not rely on far off government to do it all for us. Too many of us really believe parroting back mental programing a sign of intelligence. The technology exists to allow us all to work a few hours a week. We need to learn how to think outside of the so-called box.

“We The People” is an empty marketing slogan with no legal weight. We must stop following leaders and relying on external authorities to do our thinking and to make our decisions for us. We have been conditioned to think such behavior logical when it is clearly not.”

From aamorris.net

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