One thought on “Alan Watt talking about the Spoken Word

  1. Thanks for sharing. Dating you is one way to move beyond language that’s for sure lol! But its like they say, actions speak louder than words. So what does it matter to hear someone say something if they don’t act like it.
    I have the perspective that I hear all the things ppl don’t say. The intuition factor and what I feel from others. But nothing and no one is perfect, so you just do the best you can with what you have.
    In this awakening experience, feeling like people are reading my mind has been terrifying though. A lot of feelings of violation, like if I didn’t say it out loud, no one should have access to that information lol! So there was definitely some comfort in language and feeling like being silent is supposed to provide some kind of safety and privacy. But God even stripped that away from me. And I’m grateful ultimately. Our situation forced me into the arms of God and there’s no better place to be. Oneness takes on a whole new meaning and the silence and unspoken connection to all things is absolutely mind blowing. Thank you Angel. <3 Thank you Creator! <3 <3

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