Build People Up

“Always look for ways that you can be of assistance to your fellow Beings. Being of encouragement to others. Build people up, and do not put people down. Be a beacon of light in a dark world.”

The day I read that, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I were planning not to leave the house so I decided to be of assistance to her. I knew it would be easy since that is part of why we are together. Examples of that I will keep to myself.

The next day, we went out into the world which made it even easier to find ways to be of assistance and to build people up.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and I strolled to the main grocery stores in Ciudad Vieja. While in the first store, ABCDEFG (changed the name), we talked about how wonderful it is that our refrigerator at home is already full and we still have the luxury of going to the grocery store for fun and to get anything that really called out to us.

After wandering through each aisle no less than twice, we made our way to the register. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx stepped back into the store to search for a box of white fudge oreos while I waited in line. I noticed the lady in front of us had done something we had done just last week: we grabbed everything our hearts desired yet we did not bring enough quetzales to exchange for those items. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx reappeared, and I immediately suggested we buy the thing she had to put back and give it to her. The manager came to turn her key so the lady wouldn’t have to pay for it. Then the lady paid and disappeared from the store.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx asked the cashier for that item, got it scanned, and ran after the lady who just left. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx came back about a minute later slightly out of breath but with a smile on her face.

I know that action changed the course of our lives together. We came upon an opportunity to treat others the way we would like to be treated, accepted that opportunity, and I can imagine the delight that lady felt as well as the joy she will give to others when she shares that story.

What are some random acts of kindness that you’ve done for someone lately? Can you think of any acts for which you’d be extremely grateful if someone did them for you? Consider doing them for someone else first and accepting what karma gives you in return.

Originally posted March 15, 2014.

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