How to change text color of cmd with windows batch script

Batch script color codes:

0 = Black       8 = Gray
1 = Blue        9 = Light Blue
2 = Green       A = Light Green
3 = Aqua        B = Light Aqua
4 = Red         C = Light Red
5 = Purple      D = Light Purple
6 = Yellow      E = Light Yellow
7 = White       F = Bright White

Set the color like so:

color 01
color 02
color 03

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How to turn on AutoComplete in Windows Command Prompt

Turn on auto-complete in CMD permanently

To enable auto-complete permanently in command prompt, run regedit to open the Registry Editor, and navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor

You will have to edit the CompletionChar value. The default is 40 in Hexadecimal. Set the value of REG_DWORD to 9. This will enable folder name completion.

Next, double-click on PathCompletionChar and change its value to 9.

This will set the TAB key as the control character.

If you want to use the same control characters that you use for a single command session as mentioned in the first part of this post, then set the values as follows:

  • 4 for Ctrl+D
  • 6 for Ctrl+F

The file name auto-completion feature will work on folders too, because Windows will search for the complete path and match against both file and folder names.

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How to get rid of multiple partitions on a usb flash drive

  1. hit windows-x and hit ‘command prompt (admin)’
  2. type ‘diskpart’
  3. type ‘list disk’
  4. type ‘select disk #’, with # being your flash drive
  5. type ‘clean’
  6. type ‘create partition primary’
  7. type ‘format fs=fat32 quick’
  8. type ‘active’
  9. type ‘assign’
  10. then finally type ‘exit’

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