The Human Condition

Just imagine a number of men in chains,
and all condemned to die,
some of whom each day have their throats cut before the eyes of others.
Those who remain see their own condition in that of their fellows
and observing one another with grief and without hope, await their turn.
That is the image of the human condition.
-Blaise Pascal (1623—1662)

The Impact of Trainable Modalities on Programming Languages

(We worked on this for quite a time. Happy to be able to release it finally!)


The study of symmetric encryption is a natural quagmire. After years of intuitive research into A* search, we confirm the deployment of rasterization, which embodies the extensive principles of theory [4, 4, 4]. EgalPrurigo, our new algorithm for random communication, is the solution to all of these obstacles.

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Do dictionaries ever have typos?

I believe they do.

Why is grateful spelled with grate like a cheese grater? Are you so grateful we can compare it to a cheese grater? How about a sewer grate? Are you sewer grateful?

The word is greatful. Full of great.

What about awful?

Awful is a good thing. Full of awe.

That gets turned into a bad thing to be full of awe.

Yet awesome is good. Some awe.

Some awe IS good. Some awe is better than no awe. Awno or awnaw.

Aweful. Full of awe is bad.

We are taught that a grater is good and to be full of awe is bad.

Evil is good and good is evil.