Peggo 1.4.1 – Before the Download Limit and Ads

[Link to Peggo app for android version 1.4.1]

Peggo is an android app which let’s you download youtube videos as audio or video.

On New Year’s Eve 2017, the creators of Peggo released an update that limits your downloads to 3/day and has ads for their other apps. That’s good for them. It’s up to them to decide what their app can and cannot do. I’m not a fan though.

I found the previous version of Peggo on an apk site and reinstalled that to my phone. I wanted to share that apk with the world in case anyone else is looking for it. Also helpful if I mistakenly update Peggo and need to go back to this version.

Here’s the link again: []


The Human Condition

Just imagine a number of men in chains,
and all condemned to die,
some of whom each day have their throats cut before the eyes of others.
Those who remain see their own condition in that of their fellows
and observing one another with grief and without hope, await their turn.
That is the image of the human condition.
-Blaise Pascal (1623—1662)